These great Terv friends now live on in happy memories

A tribute to those dogs who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge




CH Snowflower Still Dreamn' CDX 


CH Snowflower Still Dreamn' UD RA


Early in Feb. 2014 I bid farewell to my beloved Cori - she was just shy of her 15th birthday and we enjoyed a beautiful journey together.  She will be forever in my heart.

                              Sleep well, sweet Cori.







Snowflower Autumn Spice RN

December 17, 2005 - July 9, 2012


Dear sweet Spice - your vibrant happy spirit will be forever missed - your darling smile and wagging tail is mirrored in your babies - the Spice Kids and the Spicelets.
                   Sleep well, my darling Spice girl!!





CH Snowflower Catch The Wyld Wind


CH Snowflower Catch The Wyld Wind


"For one brief shining moment"...I reveled in your brilliance, your sweetness, your intense joy of training....your took my heart, then left it shattered - in my heart you will be "forever young".





CH Snowflower Mahogany Rush UD HT OA OAJ


CH Snowflower Mahogany Rush UD HT OA OAJ


You made me smile every day of your beautiful life!  You were my marvelous "woo woo" girl!  You made many friends in your well lived 13 years...great memories live on!





CH Aftershock Prince of Arrakis CDX

October 30, 1991 - November 2, 2000





CH Snowflower Summer Sun CDX


My darling "Sunni" - my soul mate - you were my "Sunshine when the skies were gray" - Always a gracious "lady" to dog or person.



It is with very heavy heart that I morn the passing of a very dear friend

and member of the Snowflower family Dee Carlson.

She was diagnosed with a brain cancer in January and fought a brief, but gallant battle to survive....this was not to be and

she passed away on June 6, 2013.
I admired her quiet way with her Snowflower boys, Dante and Zoom,

as she trained and trialed them...she so loved and enjoyed her life with dogs!

I will miss her very much and treasure the time and honor the memory of a wonderful friendship.

Rest in Peace my dear friend Dee.




CH Snowflower Racing The Wind UD VER RE NA NAJ CA

                "Zoom" & Dee

Snowflower Midnight Inferno UD MX MXJ OF

                         "Dante" & Dee
















Dee will be greatly missed by the Pacific Northwest Canine Community



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